How can you book a visit?


Public visits


In order to show this unique infrastructure and to raise public awareness on lake sciences, we organize public visits frequently.

For each visit the duration time will be 45 minutes, limited to 5 participants per time slot – (registration is mandatory).

Available dates in 2022:

June 24, July 29, September 2, October 7 and December 2.

6 visits per date (9h00/9h45/10h30/11h15/12h00/12h30).

Available dates in 2023:

January 27 and March 24.

6 visits per date (9h00/9h45/10h30/11h15/12h00/12h30).

Other available dates in 2023:

 May 5, June 9, July 7, August 11, September 15, October 13 and December 8.

6 visits per date (9h00/9h45/10h30/11h30/12h15/13h00).


Please click on the registration link below and get ready to discover more on the platform LéXPLORE!

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