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When planning for your project, you should not forget to consider enough time to the preparation and installation of your instrument/system. In general, time is needed for technical optimisations to respond to diverse challenges, before the data acquisition can run smoothly.

Stored on-shore in Port of Pully, an electrical Zodiac is available to access the platform for maximum of 5 persons (without equipment). You do not need a driving license, but you need to be two persons minimum for safety reasons. Be aware that the Zodiac is only suitable to access the platform with little equipment. For your first visit, a Technical Officer will show you how to use it and to recharge the battery. To open the platform, you will have a key from your institution and we request you to log-in the system.

You can check the availabilies on the calendars for LéXPLORE and the Zodiac. Be aware that the exact date are dependant of the weather and that it is possible to have multiple team on the platform at the same time. To book a date, you need to contact the Chief Technical Officer.

LéXPLORE Zodiac is only suitable to access the platform for researcher with little equipment. If you need to deploy an instrument, you will have to rent a boat. EPFL has an aluminium boat “La Seiche”, you can contact Sébastien Lavanchy (sebastien.lavanchy[at] UniGE has the boat “la Licorne”, contact Philippe Arpagaus (Philippe.Arpagaus[at] CARRTEL has three boats, contact (jean.guillard[at] Unil has also a Zodiac with a diesel motoer, contact Marie-Elodie Perga (marie-elodie.perga[at]

In principe, you should first contact the Member of the Technical Pool from your institution. For the first installation of your equipment, you can also contact the Chief Technical Officer.

On LéXPLORE, the first installation of your instrument is always performed together with the Chief Technical Officer and the Technical Officer from your institution. Afterwards, you need to use and maintain your equipment by yourself. It is up to you to know if you need your own technician for the calibration and maintenance.

Due to the extreme lake conditions and the spatial limitation around the platform, any installation is challenging. We therefore encourage you to discuss with a member of the Technical Committee as early as possible.

Installing mooring within the protected area is in principle possible. You need to be aware that the space is limited with the large movement from the protection buoys. As such, all installation needs to be discussed and validated by the Chief Technical Officer.

To take water samples on LéXPLORE, we have installed an electrical winch with a 5-Liter Niskin bottle outside near the moonpool. The maximum depth is 108 m, and the winch measure the depth every 0.1 m. Be aware that for the surface sample, it is better to take water from the side of the platform.

The total power capacity of the platform is 2000A/h @48V.
The standard power supply available are:

  • 230VAC – max 15A
  • 12VDC –  max 10A
  • 24VDC –  max 10A
  • 48VDC –  max 10A

Other specific power supply can be installed if possible.

Every researcher will have access to a long-term dataset that will provide you with background information. A list of parameters was defined as the core dataset, that we commit to provide during the entire LéXPLORE lifetime.

The core dataset is mainly composed of temperature, dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll-a, conductivity, pH, photosynthetic active radiation, at fixed depths and as vertical profiles, together with weather data and surface current velocities.

All data from LéXPLORE will be stored in the on-line data repository from the project DATALAKES. This data platform will soon be available.

Sciences is moving quickly towards open data.  We therefore expect that all the data collected on LéXPLORE become publically available, as soon as possible but latest 3 years after collection.

As we believe that multidisciplinary is key to move the science forward, we would like to promote active collaborations between the different research projects. LéXPLORE is a unique infrastructure that can host many projects in parallel. To look for collaborations, we will first recommend to check the current research projects to identify possible match-up that you could contact. Secondly, you can contact the Project Manager that could advise you.

Currently, each partner institution accepted to contribute to LéXPLORE exploiting costs. If you are part of the partner institutions, you do not need to pay any contributions.

For external partners, the use of the platform LéXPLORE will be free for the first test of maximum 1 day. Any other usage will be charged:

  • 1000 CHF per day without collaboration to a maximum of 15’000 CHF
  • 600 CHF per day with collaboration to a maximum of 15’000 CHF

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