Researcher testimony

We asked one question to the researchers working on LéXPLORE:

What were the benefits of LéXPLORE infrastructure for your research ?


Gabriel Cotte – Project Mixing Rhône River in Lake Geneva:
“The LéXPLORE platform allows a direct and autonomous access to the open part of Lake Geneva without organizing a boat. With a winch and the possibility to install a pump and an autosampler, it gave me the opportunity to collect regular samples from the water column.”



Prof. Yves Bellouard – Project PhytoWaveTaxa: Geneva Lake microalgae monitoring:
“LéXPLORE infrastructure offers us a unique opportunity to deploy optofluidics microtechnologies in the field. As a result, it helps us learning, but also developing new methods for robust instrument design, capable of in-situ and long term monitoring of the environment.




Camille Minaudo – Project Primary Production during reoligotrophisation in lakes:
“The LéXPLORE platfom offered me a unique opportunity to safely deploy and maintain an autonomous profiler to measure high resolution hyperspectral water optical properties in the lake. And more than making easier our data collection, it also greatly facilitates strong interdisciplinary scientific collaborations in our team and across universities.”




Pascal Perolo – Project CARBOGEN: carbon cycling in Lake Geneva:
“The unique platform worldwide provides an ideal and safe workplace, where we can install different CO2 sensors in the water, in the air and at their interface. This will allow us to better understand and quantify the gas exchange processes between continental waters and the atmosphere.”



Bieito Fernandèz Castro – Projects Primary Production and LéWalk:
“Physical, chemical and biological processes in lakes are poorly characterized under harsh weather conditions. LéXPLORE offers the possibility to scientist to work and install instruments that record data under all weather conditions with an unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution, thus contributing to fill this important gap. It also offers an unique work environment favouring the exchange between researchers from different disciplines.”