Available equipment

Internal moonpool

The internal moonpool allow to access thelake water directly from the internal cabin. The dimension are 1.5 m x 1.5 m wide, and should allow to install a few instruments that are not weather proof. It is currently planned to install a multiparameter sonde from Idronaut for autonomous vertical profiles down to 60 m. A Cytobuoy will allow to measure phytoplankton twice a day at high resolution.



External moonpool

The external moonpool has a dimension of 1.5 m x 1.5 m, and allow to access safely the lake water from the platform pontoon.

This moonpool is dedicated for water sampling and diverse profiling, which can be perform with the electrical winch. At the moment, a water pump is also installed for the project on microplastics.



Electrical winch
An electrical winch is installed directly near the outside moonpool. It records depth every 0.1 m and you can adjust the speed down to 0.2 m/s, which is ideal to take profile with a multiparameter sonde. His functionning is easy, safe and will greatly facilitate your work.





5L-Niskin bottle
For your water sampling, you can use our Niskin Water Sampler, all in non-metallic free-flushing sampling bottles activated by a messenger (1 kg). The volume is 5 Liter. It has a centered mounting rack to ensure a vertical position of the sampler. You can retrieve the water sample via the discharge cock/tube at the lower end of the sampler. It is easy to use with our electrical winch.



CTD Sea&Sun

The multiparameter Sea&Sun allows taking vertical profiles of: temperature, conductivity, turbidity, pH, chlorophyll-a, dissolved oxygen. These parameters give a basic physico-chemical characteristic of the lake water.

Deep vertical profiles are taken manually, when researchers are on the platform. You can access them on Datalakes.



Secchi disc

A Secchi disc is available on the platform to measure the water transparency.

We are collecting these punctual data and plan to upload them on Datalakes.


Camping beds

When your project require to measure during the night, 6 camping beds are available to rest inside the platform overnight.




Filtration hood

The filtration hood allows you to handle safely chemical products on LéXPLORE platform.

The hood is Captair® Smart 321 1C with one carbon filter GF4/BE (for acid and organic vapours)

However, be aware that the use of any chemical needs a prior autorisation and imply a careful waste management.

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