Safety equipment on LéXPLORE
  • 16 x life jackets (wearing is compulsory on the outside area),
  • 2 x 5 places boats with oars and rappelling halyard about 10m minimum,
  • Bucket,
  • Bilge pump,
  • Sound signaling disposal (horn)
  • Distress red flag,
  • Rope,
  • Fire extinguisher with 2kg capacity (control every 3 years),
  • Additional fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 2kg,
  • 4 x lifeguard buoys,
  • and first aid
Safety procedures

Field Manager: One Field Manager is designed at each campaign. He is responsible for ensuring that the following procedures are properly followed by everyone. He is the person of authority regarding safety in the field.

Weather: Even for a short time period, always be aware of the weather conditions on the lake which are accessible on

Adapt your clothes: Waterproof clothes, change of clothes, sunglasses, sun cream, cap, covering closing, etc.

Phone: Make sure the battery of your phone is full. Take a charger with you.

Respect the number of passengers: Minimum 2 and maximum 16 persons are authorized to work simultaneously on the platform.

Take care of your teammate: Particularly if you are working on different areas. Regularly visit your colleague to make sure everything is ok.

Inform your colleagues: Always inform your colleagues about the work you are going to undertake and where it will take place. Don’t hesitate to ask people to keep an eye on you.

Safety equipment: It is imperative to dispose of all the security equipment and to know exactly where you can find it. Alert Roxane or Sébastien if you see that something is missing, damaged or have been used.

Additional COVID-19 safety measures

In addition to the normal safety procedures and during the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, you have to respect the following directives if you are going to work on the platform:

You have to send a request to the Chief Technical Officer if you are planning to work on LéXPLORE, if possible one week before. This request includes the names of each team members and the planned activities, knowing that:

  • Maximum of 10 people are allowed on the platform.
  • Maximum of 5 people are allowed inside the cabin.
  • Each member must be authorized by his laboratory and his institution to perform fieldwork.
  • Night experiments are not authorized anymore. Sleeping on the platform is not authorized.
  • The following safety measure have to be assiduously respected.

Safety measures:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory at all time: inside and outside the cabin, on the boat and the zodiac, in the cars during travel. Masks must be provided by your own lab. Contact the CTO if you have any problem.
  • The general rules of social distancing (1.5m) and hygiene must be respected at all times. Refer to the recommendations given by the OFSP here.
  • Cancel if you feel sick or if you have symptoms.
  • Always fill in the log book, so that each person presence is recorded.
Emergency numbers

Phone connected to Swiss network:
Sanitary emergencies: 144
Fireman: 118
Police: 117

Phone connected to French network:
Sanitary emergencies: 15
Fireman: 18
Police: 17

 European number (works without connexion but with SIM): 112

Permitted use of chemicals
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