The project in a nutshell

The project Datalakes (SDSC funded, PI Bouffard, end Feb. 2021) was a response to the challenge of large data produced by scientists on the LéXPLORE infrastructure. The objective was to provide an open research data platform that would follow the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable & Reproducible) principles. With Datalakes, we have provided a user-friendly web based open access data platform that foster scientific data exchange. Datalakes is now widely used and recognized by scientists as an essential tool and is the cornerstone of the LéXPLORE core dataset. During the final Datalakes meeting (February 2021), we identified two weaknesses: (i) we lack a simple, yet robust, automatized quality control of the LéXPLORE core dataset (WP1 of REPRODUCE), (ii) the need for more products routinely needed by lake scientists (WP2 of REPRODUCE).

Team members

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