Variability in stable isotopic composition of long-chain diols as a proxy for environmental conditions in lakes


The project in a nutshell

The stable isotopic composition of environmental water (i.e. δ2H value) is an important tracer of the hydrological cycle. In the last decades, lipid biomarker δ2H compositions have been used to reconstruct paleohydrologcial changes throughout the Earth history.

Long-chain diols are biomolecules commonly found in sedimentary archives from freshwater environments, which are produced by phototrophic microorganisms. Resistant to degradation, these biomarkers are candidates to retrace the paleo-precipitation regime over long time-scale.

This project want to test the potential of long-chain diol isomers and their δ2H values to trace precipitation and to become a new paleo-hydrological proxy.

Team members

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