Peered-reviewed publications

LéXPLORE – a floating laboratory on Lake Geneva offering unique lake research opportunities

A. Wüest, D. Bouffard, J. Guillard, B.W. Ibelings, S. Lavanchy, M-E. Perga, N. Pasche

WIREs Water 8, 2021-07.05. doi:10.1002/wat2.1544 or PDF


Primary and net ecosystem production in a large lake diagnosed from high-resolution oxygen measurements

B. Fernández Castro, H. E. Chmiel, C. Minaudo, S. Krishna, P. Perolo, S Rasconi and A. Wüest.

Water Resources Research. 2021-05-03. Vol. 57, p. 1-24. doi:10.1029/2020WR029283.


Accounting for surface waves improves gas flux estimation at high wind speed in a large lake

P. Perolo,  B. Fernández Castro, N. Escoffier, T. Lambert, D. Bouffard, M.-E. Perga, M.-E.

Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss. 2021 preprint.


Processes driving nutrient dispersion in Lake Geneva during the stratification period (study using the LéXPLORE platform).

G. Cotte and T. Vennemann

2020, Chapter from PhD thesis at UNIL.